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Exposure Assessment & Retrospective Exposure Analysis

exposure1A toxic substance has the potential to pose a human or ecological health risk only if people or other receptors are exposed to the substance. Exposure assessment is the process of determining the intensity, frequency, and duration of exposure to an agent in a specified population for a given time period. Assessing exposures consists of two primary steps: (1) identifying ways in which people or other receptors are exposed, and (2) estimating the amount of exposure. Retrospective exposure analyses include the historical assessment of exposures taking into account changes in behavior, processes, or other factors that may have affected exposure levels over time.

E Risk Sciences, LLP has conducted numerous exposure assessments and retrospective exposure analyses for various chemicals in ambient air, drinking water, surface water, soil and sediment, dietary sources, and consumer products. Our exposure analyses include individual and population-level assessments and account for inhalation, dermal, and/or oral routes of exposures. Estimates of chemical concentrations in the environment are based on modeled or measured (e.g., monitoring) data, and include performing exposure simulation studies to reconstruct historical exposures.


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